Golf Clubs/Members Only Service-  The golf shop offers a service for members to sell their used clubs.  Members can bring in clubs they wish to sell for a 20% commission fee. Note:  New Policy- The staff will not take in all used clubs. Used clubs will be inspected and approved for sale in the golf shop.

New Clubs- Although the golf shop carries a very small inventory in golf clubs, the golf shop does offer discounts to members who purchase their clubs at Piney Point.  Dave continues to offer a fitting service with all Ping clubs. 

Golf Ball Program- Look for special promotions for members only during the year.  Titleist has a buy 3 & get one free promotion in the spring which can include your name or favorite lettering. 

Gloves- Purchase two gloves and save $5.00!

Shirts- Purchase two shirts and save close to $10.00!

Shoes- Offer both Adidas and Foot Joy for the 2016 season.

Golf Shop Hours

Open Weekdays - 8am to Closing varies to time of the year
Open Weekends - 7:30am to Closing varies to time of the year

"Most golfers prepare for disaster. A good golfer prepares for success." - Bob Toski

Call 704-474-3985 today for more information.

Club Fitting 101

*Have you ever been fitted for a set of irons, driver, or a putter?

1. Static Measurements -Your height and other measurements are used to calculate a starting point.

2. Dynamic Swing Test - A fitter evaluates how your stance and swing affect the position of the clubhead at impact.

3. Ball Flight Observation - Your ball flight tendencies and preferences are important factors in determining the final specifications.

4. Monitor Performance - Since your swing changes over time, periodic evaluations can help keep you playing to your full potential.


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